Monitor corrosion under insulation every meter, every minute — 24/7

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About CUI-control

Instantly detect the risk for corrosion under insulation.


Monitor your pipelines and tanks for Corrosion Under Insulation 24/7. CUI-CONTROL continuously measures and monitors for corrosion. Whereas, previously used manual inspections are only a snapshot in time.

With CUI-CONTROL, you can easily detect early-stage corrosion or even prevent it before it starts.

Financial data has shown that 40–60% of pipe maintenance costs are due to CUI. Start saving on maintenance costs today and never let corrosion happen to begin with. Extending the lifetime of your industrial assets is not only profitable, but also better for the environment.


CUI-CONTROL can accurately show you exactly where (one meter accuracy) the corrosion is happening.

Risk analysis

CUI-CONTROL can differentiate between spots at high risk for corrosion and spots in the early stages of corrosion.


CUI-CONTROL runs autonomously. Say goodbye to manual inspections and get an instant alert when corrosion is detected.


CUI-CONTROL can detect corrosion at the earliest stages, even before it happens.

LanXess-Logo trusted partner fluves CUI-control

CUI-CONTROL, powered by Fluves, is able to find the exact locations of potential corrosion sites. The system is able to measure the degree of corrosion risk with great precision. Their system has the added advantage that it can be applied on the outer layer of the jacketing, without having to dismantle anything”

Robin Guldentops, asset manager ESP/IL at BASF Antwerp

CUI-CONTROL is installed and approved at the Lanxess plant in Antwerp in 2022. (More detailed information soon).

Lanxess - Antwerp
The system

How does it work?


A uniquely-designed fiber optic cable is attached to the outer cladding.

The cable installation process is non-intrusive. The fiber can be installed on the outer layer of the jacketing. Nothing needs to be dismantled or punctured for the installation process. It’s easy to install.


The fiber optic cable is connected to a sensing system.

The system is ATEX-PROOF because it uses light pulses that are sent through the fiber with a sensing device. Machine-learning algorithms identify the risk for corrosion and other anomalies.


24/7 monitoring and automatic alerts

When necessary, alerts are automatically sent via e-mail, SMS, or SCADA and displayed on a real-time dashboard. Long-term monitoring results are summarized to support your maintenance strategy.


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